Show audio wave timeline to easily identify noises

I don’t want to record audio events, but I’d like to have a way to easily review my recording history to check for noises and listen to them if I want.

Right now this is impossible, I would have to pay the whole history.

If you added to the timeline an audio wave visualization (like the ones you have in the video editing softwares) it would be very easy to spot them.

well played this would help for many people that do continuous recording. I do see a could places where it would fail though. having it outside would create a lot of background noise and thus false waves. or if you had it looking through a window. but I still think it would be a good option to have and be able to turn off or on when you need it.

idk, seems to me, if I could easily pull down a block of video I could analyze it six ways to Sunday in a variety of apps. I agree viewing the audio timeline could be handy, but right now, it’s not even in sync with the video. I suspect, you would also want to compress the timeline and look for spikes. Geez, I can’t even read the fonts used in the app, so it’s hard for me to look past that to visualizing the audio.

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