Should I put SD card in camera or base station, my wifi is not the best

My wifi kinda sucks, I want to capture all motion. Will an SD card do this? And if so where should it go? I’m on android

A SD card in the camera can store captured video, photographs, time-lapses, and scheduled recordings.

You can access those recordings from More > Album, but any recordings over a few minutes in length you should just go out and get the card and view it on a computer. Large downloads are very slow on the Outdoor Camera, and will take almost as long as the recording length.

A SD card in the base can only backup event clips of 12 seconds or less for up to 4 cameras. Those same events are still available from the cloud, so it is a protective measure only. A SD card in the base will not store captured video, photographs, time-lapses, scheduled recordings, or even backup Cam Plus event clips.

If you would like continuous recording, I’m afraid you would need the more powerful V3.

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What do you mean your Wi-Fi kind of sucks? You can check the signal strength by taping on the base icon on the app or on the camera it is shown in the device info in the settings. If you want to capture more motion and do not have Cam Plus put a good 32GB SD card in the camera and set it for scheduled event recording. You will have to remove the card to review the videos longer than 12 sec. So how many bars are black on your signal?

Welcome to the forums! How are you connecting the base station to your network? Ethernet cable or with wifi? If ethernet cable, then your home wifi network is not used in the setup. If your using wifi to connect to the base, try moving the base closer to the wifi source as that is the only thing connected to your WiFi, the camera connects to the base.

I sure understand wifi kinda sucks - Comcast wifi always has issues - hit or miss days even when there are a few bars showing. Comcast says you should refresh the router and modem about every 3 days to avoid issues but who does that?