SD Card location

I am new to this but was not sure if I need an SD card in the Outdoor camera and in the base station or only in one location?

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @bp32561!

The SD card is not as useful on an battery-powered Outdoor camera as it is on a always-powered fixed-view V2 or V3. On those cameras I consider it a necessity it is so useful, but as the Outdoor camera spends most of it’s time in slumber, it isn’t so useful there.

However, it would allow you to take time-lapses or scheduled recordings (SD card at the camera) or backup your cloud clips (SD card at the Base). Note the Base’s clip backup capability is not compatible with Cam Plus.


Adding on, if you just want motion events recorded you don’t need an sd card, you can just use cam plus lite. It’s a subscription but it’s pay what you want, as low as $0 a month. This will record events to the cloud, viewable with the events tab on your app.


Some good WCO information can be found here.