Should add new feature update to pan cam v2

Thank you so much hopefully this bug will be solved as soon as possible looking forward to it

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Yes I’m happy now the siren turn on or off is back here’s the updated picture

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Also they should add this feature for camera groups since you have the siren added as a rule they should put a small button to trigger manually maybe top or bottom (depending on how many cameras you have only works for pan cam v2 and wyze cam v3) so once you clicked on your camera groups you would see everything and a button to use the siren just in case something goes down…this would be helpful

For some odd reason whenever I go to playback on my iPhone and I record the video it doesn’t have any sounds it’s weird because my android my secondary phone works well no problem but iPhone is not showing any sounds after I recorded a video playback please help thank you

No sound on iPhone in recorded footage is a known bug that has been reported in multiple threads. I would suggest you read thru these and post there.

Yes I did thanks for the info now I have to use my secondary phone since the iPhone sound for Wyze isn’t working for now until it’s fixed and thank you for your time

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