Shortcut: Turn Off all device notifications

Is it correct to say the “Turn Off all Device Notifications” shortcut does the same thing as the Bell icon on the main screen? If so, why does it not change the status of the bell icon on the main screen?

@Loki? @WyzeGwendolyn? I see where other shortcut actions change the status of controls on pages and thought it would be very helpful if we could see that status change with the bell.

Hmm… That’s good feedback. I’ll share it with the team!

The situation is: I go to bed at different times and can set the bell to off, but I have a terrible time remembering to turn the bell back on in the mornings and I would like to set a scheduled shortcut to do so. If I do that, from some quick testing I did, I think the bell will still show off via the slash. I really should run a couple more tests, but I did setup a shortcut and it didn’t change the bell to slash and back.

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Please let me know your results! I sent a screen capture of this to the dev side. :slight_smile:

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OK, so getting out my magnifying glass to actually see the bell, it looks like the action does work, but the bell status doesn’t change until you leave the main page and then come back. If the bell was off before leaving the main page, upon returning the bell will be off and then change to on if that is what the shortcut did. So, it will do what I want, I can schedule it, but I am get notifications when the bell has the slash (notifications off) until I refresh the page by jumping to some other page (Events in my case) and then back.

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Thank you! I appreciate the effort and extra info. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m late to this. As you found out, it does change the bell icon. But the icon change is only visible if you refresh. You can refresh by going to a different page and back, or you can pull down the camera list to refresh and that will also update the bell icon.

You can also see the change at Account > App Settings > Notifications ON/OFF. (This may be a slightly different place in the non-alpha/beta app version.)