How to tell when shortcuts are enabled

I have created a Cam shortcut to turn off notifications for all devices. When I select the shortcut, it pulses once and that’s it. I can’t always remember which ones I have turned on or off. The icons never change to indicate whether or not they are active.

Is there a “shortcut” to verify which shortcuts are enabled? Or any way at all?

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There currently isn’t a visible way to know if a shortcut button is on or off, mainly because they are not toggle buttons. They are essentially fire and forget buttons. Press this - Do that. It executes the command you set and then waits for the next button press.

But, you don’t need a rule shortcut button to silence notifications for all your devices. That shortcut button is already provided for you.

On the home page, there is a bell in the upper right.

Pressing it will silence all device notifications and put them to sleep :sleeping::

So, when you run your shortcut, you should see the bell with the zz’s.


This is great, that answers my question!

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