Shortcut feature request

I use shortcuts to enable and disable notifications as a way of “arming” and “disarming” my setup.

It would be really nice to be able to create a widget in android for those shortcuts…or a wear os app :thinking:

Can we at least please get shortcuts in widget form? Please and thanks.

Thats all!


This would be a great feature, please click the green vote button at the top of this linked wishlist to let Wyze know you want it.


I also have a set group of cams that I will toggle notifications by using a rule when I am going to be moving around a lot.

The #wishlist topic posted would be an awesome addition to the features. I voted for it. But, I am not the type to wait. I tend to come up with my own solutions.

Rather than using a shortcut rule to toggle my notifications (the actions), I use a Trigger Rule. I have a Wyze Plug that powers nothing. Its only purpose is to serve as the trigger for the Rule when turned on or off. I named the plug Cam Notifications.

I have many options to toggle my “Cam Notifications” (plug): I can ask Alexa or Google Home to “Turn On\Off Cam Notifications” even for a specified period of time, I can use the Wyze App to toggle the plug in the Device Menu Home, I can use the Android - Google Home Power Button Dashboard Launchpad to toggle the plug.

Or I can use a Home Screen Shortcut\Widget Icon\Button: Since the plug above is linked to my Google Home app as a device assigned to a room in my home, I can use the Google Action Blocks app to create a custom Home Page Icon\Widget Button that, when pressed, opens Google Assistant and executes the task “Turn On \ Off Cam Notifications” specified when building the Action Block button.

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