Short visit?

Why did it run toward the house? Almost like it was looking for something.

Partially, they instinctually like to avoid being in wide-open spaces as it makes them feel vulnerable to some other predators. You’ll notice it started out trotting when it was leaving and as it got to toward the end of the driveway and the street where there weren’t bushes and a car and a house blocking 3 sides of the view at it, then it got a little more skittish and started to speed up and run again. Same thing is likely for coming to your house, it was exposed on multiple sides and was running toward a place that had more cover on more sides. Once it got up to the close half of driveway where it was covered by the car, bushes and house, it felt a lot safer and slowed down and looked behind itself in the only location that was still wide open to view.

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Get some treats for the nice canine, Maybe I can find some Cat flavored ones :grin: