Shipping discounts and Wyze stock?

Hello. I have 2 questions. I am wanting to buy the new scale and 2-3 of the watches. Do you have a free shipping code for the items? Also my second question do you guys have a stock symbol for your company stock?

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Currently there is no publicly traded stock I do know that, also there are no discounts for free shipping due to the margins already being razor thin.


Wyze is not yet a public company as far as I know. So no stock to buy at the moment. Also just to be clear, I don’t work for Wyze. I am a regular user just like you. :laughing:


Wyze should offer some kind of bulk pricing. Because there are people that would maybe buy eight or 10 cameras and two or three starter kids and you just don’t know. But if you offered a discount for that you have no idea what that would open up.


Jay Z just invested