Out of Stock Items

I’m sure there’s already a post about this somewhere in here but I’m still finding my way around. I notice that there’s quite a few “Out of Stock” items in the shop. Is there no option for one to be notified when the shop is replenished?



Welcome to the Wyze community @Skellington!
Many of the out of stock items in the Wyze shop are products that have finished preorder. These products will be back when they officially launch. No date has been announced for when items will be in stock.
You can select the “notify me when this product is back in stock” option and enter your email as @WildBill has pointed out. You will need to leave your email for each product you’d like a notification for.

Thanks for the advice I’ve entered my email for each item I wish for now and now I’m getting daily false back in stock emails for the Sensors. It’s aggravating when I immediately check either the app or website versions of the shop to still find them Out of Stock.

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Wyze doesn’t care about quality inventory. They make a good product, build up the hype, get you to order it before it’s ready, make you wait 5 months to get it, then when you want another they are OUT OF STOCK. I’ve never worked with a company with such HORRIBLE inventory. I come back twice a month to try to buy cameras and they are always OUT OF STOCK. I honestly don’t know how they are still in business. If you aren’t going to commit to your product, STOP MAKING MORE. They can’t even keep the current stuff in stock let alone new stuff. WYZE GUYS, get a clue.

Welcome @Eriksj76!

This is because the product is in the pre-order stage. All pre orders will take time to ship and there may be some issues. Wyze most likely needs the money from pre-orders to start production of the product for official launch and that takes some time.

No a good business gets venture capital and investors for R&D, They don’t develop on the backs of the customers and keep extending the release date. Also, I’m more referring to products that have been out and in production for over a year. Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam 2. ALWAYS out of stock.