Cam v3 and door bell not available for months

So I have been trying to order the Cam v 3 and door bell for over two months and it is never available even to preorder. Why have it on the shopping page of your website? I am leaving the country again for a few months and needed to order some items to bring to my apartment abroad and was hoping to order some wyze stuff while visiting home. Very disappointing my only option is to order equipment from ring instead which costs much more but I can’t go without cameras and a doorbell cam installed so I have no choice. At least I know I can order it if I go that route.

the preorder is over. the next step will be the full release. it remains on the shopping page to allow the community to know that it is indeed a wyze product and will be a continuing product. this allows people to know it was not a one time thing and will be a staple of the Wyze lineup.

there have been many misunderstandings of what a “pre-order” actually is. a preorder is basically a test allotment. this smaller order allows Wyze to gauge interest and demand and figure out what their initial production run numbers should be. it is a good and a bad thing for the community because it only gives a small percentage of the community a chance to get the product, but it is good in that it helps safely make the correct orders for Wyze so that when ordering things with such small margins ( remember how much these products cost they dont order more than demand and overspend needed capitol.

I do wish they could give more of a timeline on when things will be back in stock as there are MANY people eagerly awaiting this but with everything going on currently ( like the chip shortage around the world) it is understandable that they might not be able to.

hopefully you can stay within the Wyze ecosystem, but considering your timeline, it’s understandable if you are forced to look elsewhere. I can only say, keep checking back. ( sign up for the notify when available!) enjoy your time abroad.


What Feb 13 preorder? My shopping page simply just says out of stock. These products originally said available January. Preorder was last year from what I thought. A buddy of my has had his v3s forever now since he preordered. It should have already been available for regular order by now, as of last month actually.

im sorry, i think I must have mis communicated. I was speaking of when they went on preorder. not as if they were currently on preorder. to my knowledge they sold all of the stock they had for preorder.

and I believe you are right, under normal conditions they would have went to regular status ordering by now, but I think that the chip shortage is what is throwing most of this into major delays. anything that uses chips, except for things that had already been ordered by companies is pretty much in limbo. a painful side effect of covid lockdowns and reliance on technology. :frowning: