Wyze needs to get more of their products into stores

If we’re able to buy all the Wyze products (we want or need) in store , if could possibly save users a couple bucks, depending on what product and how many of said product but it would mostly certainly save them the waiting for shipment.

Also, it would be nice if there was a way to buy spare parts for those who want to tinker.

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Anything in pre-order won’t be available in store until it is officially released. It also depends on what products a store wants to sell. I would guess that it’s not easy to get Wyze into some stores because many are selling Ring and Nest witch generate more profits and are just as (or more) popular.

Definitely add this to the Wishlist!

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I just got back from Micro Center. Would you believe that I forgot to grab the mounting kit :pensive:?
I think it’s because the associate and spent about 10 minutes looking for the flat ribbon cables that I’m gonna try to use on the camera v2.

But look at what I seen as soon as I walked in.

I’m wondering which parts? With a $20 camera, parts cost plus shipping probably isn’t going to be a very good buy, and everyone would just buy another camera to have parts.

I’ve thought that through. But like I said , I don’t know if Wyze is assembling or is just the middle man. If it’s the former , a cost benefit analysis would be in order. As for the shipping, it would have to be retooled ie first class mail and some bubble wrap or something along those lines.
It would also allow the company to gain a little more insight into part of the user base.
Depending on those results , they could then step into what I would call phase 2 ( I’m not willing to go into detail with that idea right now)

So that big round metal thing is available at most hardware stores for a few cents, just ask for a Fender Washer.
You can glue it on with double stick tape or Velcro.
Or you might get some ideas from this video!

Most if not all replacement parts can be located thru either Banggood or possibly AliExpress stores online I think

I’m more wondering what parts tinkerers are ending up needing to replace.

Once all their products are on Amazon Canada, that’s where I’m buying from, I use it all the time never failed me

It would be nice if there were a group that listed failures and fixes… Like the sensors that blink 5 times and the cameras stuck on yellow light. Unfortunately, I feel that some of those issues are either firmware or software or Server related.