Shipping Delays Due To Road Conditions

Due to dangerous road conditions in the Seattle area, orders placed on our website after 2 p.m. PST on Friday (2/1/19) will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Your snowed in friends at Wyze

I placed my order on 1/31, but it still shows it is in the processing stage. How do I check on why my order is delayed?

Hello @xfrosty63x, I recommend that you check out this link and see if it helps you out.

Sorry to hear about this, xfrosty63x! Could you please send me a message with your order number so I can look into it from my end?

I have been trying to find out status of replacement of my bad SD card that I received from my order on January 18, 2019 order number 301604


I’m only finding your original order from January 18th and the orders from before then after multiple searches. I recommend messaging your agent again to ask about this just in case.

I attempted to message you, but it would not allow me to do so.

Order #329588

It still shows that my order is still in the Processing stage.

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I have messaged the tech but have received no responses. Tech is named Michael and ticket number is 169387.

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I just checked on your ticket and it looks like you were sent a response an hour ago. Thanks for giving me the info so I could look into it! :slight_smile:

@xfrosty63x, I found your order and I’m waiting to hear back from someone with deeper access than I have because I’m not sure why it’s still processing. I’ll let you know what I hear back!

Thank you. Michael should take after your great customer service.

Well, I DO enjoy being the gold standard! :wink:

I’ll talk to him. :slight_smile:

We looked into the issue and aren’t sure why your order was held for that long. I got approval to expedite your order so this should be resolved soon. :slight_smile:

I placed an order on or around April 23, it showed that it should arrive April 30 (estimated). I paid about $18 for 4-7 day shipping. May 1 was 7th day, seems like I should get credited since it didn’t make the delivery date? Tracking # 92612999916518543405629449

Also, why is there a limit on the number of cameras I can order, I wanted 8, but had to settle for 7?

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I recommend contacting our customer support team through this form: Submit a request – Wyze

There’s a limit on the number of cameras that can be added to an order because we were having trouble with unauthorized resellers and such. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you would like, you can place a second order.

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