Shipping date?

Anyone have and idea when my order of Cam v3. will ship? Ordered Oct 28. Then and now my account says it will be shipped in Nov. When I check the shipping table on their website it is saying Dec.

Unfortunately, that ship date of Nov is only a rough approximation time frame… Likewise, I ordered some in Oct as well, but have not received any shipping notification…

I ordered the Wyze headphones in Sept, and I just received notification that it was shipped out

i do believe they are fulfilling and shipping out the orders that were either beta testers or real early birds and then shipping out to the rest us depending on the availability of inventory…

Hopefully, the wait will be short… (I think for those ordering now, will need to wait till January 2021… But again, I would imagine would get filled sooner if production levels increases and they find themselves with more inventory on hand…

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People are getting their Wyze 3 orders, so they are getting shipped. I also ordered in the morning on the 28th, and am anxiously waiting…

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I got you all beat. I ordered on the 27th and still don’t see it as shipping. In their defense, there are 4 days left in November. So they can take the weekend off and package them all up on Monday.

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Same here, ordered on the 27th and no shipping info.

Edit: I checked, and I got my order confirmation 6 minutes after the announcement mail came in…

I’ve received my seven V3s. The order was placed within minutes or hours of announcement.

November is for the first orders, Dec is for recent orders, and January is for current orders. Do not use the order page to gauge the time frame for older orders. It is always for orders placed today.

There are millions of V1 and V2 cams out there. If you want to replace them, better get an order in soonish.

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I ordered my v3’s on 10/27 and the estimated ship date for my order keeps changing… now it sans JANUARY(!!!)… really frustrating… it almost seems like some folks with similar purchase timeframes are already getting theirs(?).

Starting to wonder if it’ll be the spring before I get anything.

It looks like @UserCustomerGwen made the announcement in the forums on Oct 27 at about noon. I got the announcement email on Oct 27 at 7:36pm. My order was placed at Oct 27 at 8:40pm. If that’s accurate, I think I’d consider mine to be one of the first orders. At the latest, it would be a recent order. And between yesterday’s post and now, my order has gone from “ships in November” to “ships in January.” Your timeline may be accurate for people with connections but it looks like us little people may not be so lucky.

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I ordered my 3 v3 cams on Oct 27th (about an hour after receiving the email) and without any notice I looked at my pre order status and surprise. My cams are now going to be delivered Jan 2021 rather than November or even December. As much as I like the cameras, I feel that Wyze continues to disappoint. I have 5 original cams, 3 v2 and 3 Pan cam and 2 Outdoor cams as well as numerous sensors and light bulbs.

I believe my run with Wyze will be coming to an end and I will go back to using Ring products again. I may be paying a premium but at least I’ll have product for myself and clients.

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Same here. I’ve purchased 8-9 Wyze cameras. Was very pleased for 2 yrs. The outdoor camera won’t stay connected. About a 1/3 to 1/2 of video events say video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud … Have submitted messages via support help but never any response. Have called and held forever. Finally gave up. Worst part is I have recommended Wyze to friends and family and they are having same problems. Maybe Wyze should regroup and concentrate a bit on keeping existing customers. Seems like a lot of effort on new products but not much on support for customers. Disappointing because they had a good product but have definitely lost the bubble on customer support.

Unfortunately, what I’ve said before still seems to hold true. Wyze cameras are toys. They are not good security cameras. They are good for making sure your dog is not on the couch. I work in law enforcement and have seen my fair share of surveillance systems. And I’ve used Wyze as a “victim” when a couple of people decided to go into my backyard and check out my back door when I wasn’t home. I would recommend having Wyze over having nothing but that’s about it.

And in the 2 hours since I noticed the shipping date going from Nov to Jan, it’s changed again. Now there’s no estimated date. Now it just says " Pre-Order v3 - Order Date: October 27, 2020."

After using the Wyze cams (v2, pan, etc) for a while, I ordered both the v3, outdoor starter pack & additional cam. I knew the v3 was pre-order. What I wasn’t prepared for was: They shipped the add-on outdoor camera but not the starter pack. Hmmmm how am I supposed to use the add-on with the base?!?! UGH!

Sigh…From Nov to Jan to No Date. And now I have an email.

Hi there,

We originally estimated that your Wyze Cam v3 order(s) would be shipping in late November. But due to unexpected delays in production, we will need a little more time to get them to you. We are now expecting your order(s) to ship in December. We are very sorry for this.

We will send another update when your order is on the way with tracking information and will keep you posted if anything else changes. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you so much for continuing to support the Wyze family and we’re very excited for your Wyze Cam v3 order to make its way to your doorstep.


Your friends at Wyze

I noticed today that my v3 order status changed from Jan 2021 to shipped and will be here Thursday. Hopefully others who ordered early can get their shipped as well.

V3’s were delivered today and I’m impressed with the build quality, so far smooth sailing with my installs

So @tamaker - you ordered 10/27 and received 12/3 - is this correct?
I’m just looking for data points.

@gemniii that’s correct… I shared my update on delivery here in hope’s it’ll help shed light on how they’re handling fulfillment.

Note: up until about 4 days ago my delivery timeline was Jan 2021

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Received my outdoor V3’s yesterday. Ordered Oct 28.