V3 Order Date vs. Date Received

Wondering if it would be helpful to have a post where people indicate the date they ordered their V3s and then indicate the date they actually received their camera? That way those of us still awaiting our cameras may have an idea of how long we can expect before we receive our order. I have 2 on the way that are a Christmas gifts and I’m afraid they won’t arrive in time. Feel free to chime in with your 2 dates and the spread between them. I ordered on 11/16 and was promised shipping in November but that hasn’t happened. Let me know your dates and the spread between them. Thanks.

I tried to start one but …
Maybe check Shipping date? - #16 by gemniii

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I’ll play along, though it doesn’t mean much. There are some ppl that ordered within a day or so & still have not received.

ordered - 10/27
received - 11/22

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Good luck, I waited 6 weeks for a thermometer and couldn’t get any reply from customer service even after contacting them many times. I will not purchase anything Wyze again. It’s too bad because I was a fan.

I ordered 4 cameras on 11/1… I have no idea when I will really get it but it has not happened as of 12/3

I ordered 4 cameras on 10/30 to be delivered in November, then December, then no date at all. As of Dec, 3 I’ve received nothing…not even an email. Makes me hesitant to order 2 watches…just sayin’.

My advice would be to double-check your orders as I would just found out my order was canceled shortly after I received a confirmation number however I was not notified my order was canceled so I waited 2 weeks before I found out by going to check my account since the cameras are already on backorder who knows when they will ship out if I were to reorder I will not buy from this company at all

Its worth mentioning that they are shipping from different locations which also factors in.

AND since we have slipped into:
normal Christmas Rush
Covid 19 exacerbating small package delivery since we are all doing online shopping
Covid 19 vaccine distribution sucking up planes
Covid 19 reducing workforce

We should feel lucky if anything ordered after mid November gets to us before Ground Hog Day (my daughters birthday :slight_smile: )


I order on 10/31, I was looking up another camera and came upon a webpage that said these cams were better so I ordered them. Needless to say they should have arrived in Nov, but nothing so far. The least the company can do is give an update, people only want updated information to make them happy customers. When you leave them in the dark well they become irate and may not become a returning customer.

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:joy: That is so true. The post office raised their rates years ago cause they were not getting enough business, all fine, but then again raised their rates now until sometime in Dec because they are getting to much business. Ground Hog Day seems to be a good time frame the way things are going.

I ordered 10-28-2020 and as of 12-5-2020 nothing yet.

I would have ordered 5 watches if they would get here before Christmas. I still have not gotten my cameras yet either, My order was placed on 10-28-20

Yes because of these inconveniences and the fact that they didn’t even try to make anything right I will not be purchasing anything from this company

this update might help you on knowing when shipping should happen and thus give you and idea ( generally 3-5 business days in the lower 48 I believe) when you should receive your order.

updated shipping based on order dates

I ordered 10/27. Haven’t received yet nor have I received a shipping notification.

no and if you did it would be at odds with what Wyze has posted, it should be shipped out this coming week that starts tomorrow according to that Wyze page. so I would be looking for it ( as I will be too :innocent: ) im expecting mine to ship this week as well

I emailed cust support and got a reply yesterday with an apology. Cameras ordered before November should be shipped next week!

UPDATE: I’m happy to report that I received my cameras on 12/19/2020.

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Per the link @Bam posted 5 days ago:
V3’s ordered Week of 11/15 Expected to Ship By Week of 12/20 (might have made it by Christmas if shipped OUT of the distribution point on Monday 12/21)

Per email I just got from “Jimmy from Wyze” V3’s Orders from November 1st - November 21st
Shipping estimated by 12/26.

Now in most of my past experience with Wyze shipping they call it shipped when they create the label, I’ve seen it take many days from label creation to the shipper acknowledging receipt of the package

Reads to me very careful word play.
“Week of 12/20” includes 12/26.

I’m still banking on having my 5 by February 2nd.

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WOW I very glad I posted what I did above, I received an email with updates, it stated it read what I said and they are going to update more in the future so to say. Even though I did not get my cameras when I should have I did buy 2 watches a few days or so back. I don’t mind the wait at all, I know things get hectic during holidays, but updating is a must and I am so happy that this company is listening to us and what are needs are. I also run a small business and updating your customers is really important, thank you Wyze for reading our posts that is something most businesses do not do or care to do.

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