Shipping charges, dates discrepancy

Just ordered two solar panels and got charged 30% for shipping. Isn’t the Wyze store supposed to be including shipping in the posted prices?

Also, the email that went out this morning states that the solar panels are supposed to ship in November but the store claims it could be post Christmas.

Finally, the site claims multiple output ratings for the panel (2 or 2.5 watt).

Shipping on Wyze products, even Pre-pandemic, and especially pre “Supply-chain” problems were always best guess.

They’re moving back to adding shipping in the cart. Most of the products say " + shipping" on the product page.

It’s a hit to the wallet to buy a $10 item (the new socket) and be charged $7 for shipping.


Agree. I think it was going to be 14 shipping for a socket + a solar panel. Gotta get up over that $99, I guess. :slight_smile:

Amazon is the better way to order, Free Shipping (If Prime member or dollar amount spent is enough)

Far better return policy, totally hassle free and prompt refund.

Amazon Wyze Store

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I just added $140 to the cart, and that was before shipping was added. They still added shipping. There’s no way to reach out to them either to request some gimmick to remove the shipping.

Why do they say one thing and do another? Bueller? Bueller ?

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Whattaheck! I know sometimes the preorder stuff “doesn’t count” towards the free shipping as they’ll all ship separate. Not cool.

Mmhmm…preorders aren’t included. I think they should say that instead of “restrictions apply”.