Shipping gold

I was about to order the Wyze solar panel until I saw $$$$ 9.00 shipping charges…

Totally undoable I will get it elsewhere… Wake up Wyze.

$9.00 thats way cheap…

No it’s not way cheap considering that’s damn near half the cost of the solar panel can you imagine she spend that much

So if the solar panel was double the price, $9.00 shipping would be reasonable?

As a service writer (ret), when I presented a repair estimate to a customer, some replied “that is more than I paid for the car!” when they were really saying they got the car for a good price.

I regularly ship UPS and rarely have a package that ships for $9.00 unless it is going local, is small, or lightweight.

Your so right we charge our customers $24.00 for shipping and handling thats for 1-6 lbs.

Regardless of the price of the item based on size and weight I still think it’s a ridiculous price I’m only 200 miles from their corporate headquarters which doesn’t in anyway indicate that that’s where it was shipped from but their pricing for shipping has always been a matter of contention for members of the community not everybody agrees such as yourself and that’s fine we’re all welcome to our own opinion

When was the last time you shipped a package yourself?

I’m curious if the panel was $29.00 with “free shipping” if you would be complaining.

Hell for $9.00 i will bet there still loseing money on it,we receved noticed from UPS,FedEx that due to the cost of fuel,there rates wi be going up on 3.3.22…which I’m not surprised

I was just about to start a new thread…and then I saw this post at the top. I am a long time Wyze customer. I’ve bought cameras, lamps, multiple vacuums, and everything in between. I remember for a long time that the “shipping cost is included” but then people felt like the pricing wasn’t transparent. So then Wyze broke out the shipping and now it looks like it’s through the roof.

I ordered a solar panel and Wyze Outdoor Camera(WOC) yesterday. For shipping from the west to east coast it’s $17. I order a lot of stuff online, and there’s nothing that costs me that much for shipping something that size through USPS. The cost should be between $9 and $12. And the fact that Wyze doesn’t offer multiple options for shipping and displays the costs only seems to verify that they are still manipulating the shipping costs by a small margin.

I really like Wyze but the shipping costs seem really off and wrong for the items that I buy and are shipped.

Wow thats cheap for freight,we have also ordered alot of products but all products are not located in the same place,so what you payed was very cheap i would say since the price of oil is now over $105.00 A barrel that all shipping companies will raising there freight cost due to the fuel price is going way up