Preorder Shipping Update #60 Week of 1/26/22

Preorder Shipping Update #60

Week of 1/26/22!

Hey, friends!

Jimmy from Wyze here, and I’m getting emotional because I think we only have one or two more emails together where I give you updates on your preordered products. :pleading_face:

Let’s go!

First, some weekly reminders.

Preorders happen a while before shipments start, so don’t forget that you’ve gotta let us know if you’ve moved since you placed your order!

  • Think we’ve got out-of-date information? Contact our support team ASAP ! I’m sure the person that moved in your old place would appreciate the gift, but that’s not what you’re payin’ for.

The dates that you see in these emails are estimates for when devices will start to ship .

  • I’ll do my best to get as specific as possible once devices start shipping so you have an idea when your specific order will ship. We’re working on changes behind the scenes to make this experience more personalized in the future.
  • After shipping, our partners will work on getting your package to you. Please give about 4-14 business days for your new device(s) to complete their journey.

Not in the contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to get your package to you.
Wanna hang out with other Wyze fans? Our communities are a great place to see what’s possible with your Wyze gear (or if you want to stare longingly at photos of products you haven’t received yet). We love new faces, so feel free to join us!
…Now on to the good stuff! :man_dancing:

Quick summary.

…Not interested in the nitty gritty?
Check out what’s new at a glance!
Wyze Lamp Socket orders have finished shipping.
Wyze Watch 47mm C orders have finished shipping.

Wyze Solar Panel orders will start shipping by February 2nd.
Let’s get into the details now:

Wyze Lamp Socket



Shipping has completed.

Hook your Wyze Cam v3 up in places where you normally couldn’t get power with our new Wyze Lamp Socket, which runs USB power out of your light fixtures and can let you control their bulbs from your Wyze app!

Shipping is done!
We’re done shipping Wyze Lamp Sockets! Be on the lookout for shipping confirmation by Monday at the latest.

That means if you preordered a Wyze Lamp Socket, this is your last email from me! I’ll miss you, besties.

Wyze Solar Panel


Shipping is estimated to begin in February .
Long requested, it’s finally here! Keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor running for longer by hooking into this accessory and placing it in a sunny area. Easy! :sun_with_face:

Shipping is planned to start in February. This product has been stuck at the seaport for weeks now… We appreciate your patience!

Wyze Watch 47mm C


Shipping has completed.
Wyze Watch 47mm is back in style with the new Wyze Watch 47mm C! It’s the watch you know and love with new colors, bands, and matching watch faces.

Shipping is done! That also means that this is the last email for Wyze Watch 47mm C preorderers.

… We got to know each other so well, it’s a bit of a shame, really.
I’m sure that little red number on top of your email inbox icon on your phone won’t miss me, though. :smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s all for this week!

Well… As we close out this 60-something email long streak, I’m feeling grateful that you folks read my silly little emails every week.

If you enjoy my silly little jokes and my silly little pop culture references, you can always find me on the new Wyze Discord.

Sometimes we give stuff away, sometimes I ramble into a microphone, and sometimes I answer everyone’s questions while I’m totally not eating my lunch. But it’s always a good time.
Wyze Solar Panel preorderers… I’ll see you next week for what might be my last preorder shipping update email ever. (?!)

Love you. Not gonna promise I won’t cry. :sob:
—Jimmy from Wyze