Preorder Shipping Update #58 Week of 1/12/22

Preorder Shipping Update #58

Week of 1/12/22!

Welcome back! Jimmy from Wyze here, and I’m back with more updates on your preordered products.

These emails are looking pretty lean - I like it! We’re working hard get the rest of these products out to you guys ASAP. Let’s go!

First, some weekly reminders.

Preorders happen a while before shipments start, so don’t forget that you’ve gotta let us know if you’ve moved since you placed your order!

  • Think we’ve got out-of-date information? Contact our support team ASAP ! I’m sure the person that moved in your old place would appreciate the gift, but that’s not what you’re payin’ for.

The dates that you see in these emails are estimates for when devices will start to ship .

  • I’ll do my best to get as specific as possible once devices start shipping so you have an idea when your specific order will ship. We’re working on changes behind the scenes to make this experience more personalized in the future.
  • After shipping, our partners will work on getting your package to you. Please give about 4-14 business days for your new device(s) to complete their journey.

Not in the contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to get your package to you.
Wanna hang out with other Wyze fans? Our communities are a great place to see what’s possible with your Wyze gear (or if you want to stare longingly at photos of products you haven’t received yet). We love new faces, so feel free to join us!
…Now on to the good stuff! :man_dancing:

Quick summary.

…Not interested in the nitty gritty?
Check out what’s new at a glance!
Wyze Solar Panel orders are behind schedule. Inventory has been stuck at the port for weeks, and is no longer projected to arrive in our warehouse this month. We now expect these to start shipping in February.
Wyze Cam Floodlight has been removed as it has finished shipping.
Wyze Car (Wave 3) has finished shipping! Please allow until the end of the week to receive your shipping confirmation.

Let’s get into the details now:

Note: Preorder shipping estimates will continue to fluctuate due to seaport congestion.

I get it, you’re probably hearing a ton about seaports right now. Us too - the time it takes for any company to receive and process imports that arrive via the ocean has increased dramatically and is now reaching historic highs. :sleepy:

Since this process isn’t controlled by Wyze or the partners that we work directly with, it’s super difficult for us to create accurate estimates until the inventory clears through the port. Sometimes this takes over two months! For now, our only option is to push estimates out a ways to hopefully leave enough time for the employees at the port to process our shipments, and in some cases where we really aren’t sure how long processing will take we may have to abstain from projecting a date for a short period of time. We’ll continue to track this and adjust as needed.

Please keep the hard-working folks at the seaports in your thoughts and bear with us – as always you can expect open and honest communication from me every week along the way. :blue_heart:

Wyze Lamp Socket



Shipping continues!

Hook your Wyze Cam v3 up in places where you normally couldn’t get power with our new Wyze Lamp Socket, which runs USB power out of your light fixtures and can let you control their bulbs from your Wyze app!

Shipping continues for Wyze Lamp Sockets.
We’re done shipping standalone Wyze Lamp Sockets! Bundle orders continue to ship and are still on track to complete later this month. :snowman_with_snow:

Wyze Solar Panel


Shipping is estimated to begin in February .
Long requested, it’s finally here! Keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor running for longer by hooking into this accessory and placing it in a sunny area. Easy! :sun_with_face:

Shipping is planned to start in February. This product has been stuck at the seaport for weeks now, and it once it (finally) clears it’ll take an extra 2 weeks to be ready to ship as we move the inventory to our warehouses. We appreciate your patience!

Wyze Car



Wyze Car has finished shipping!

Wyze Car is back, baby! Strap in a Wyze Cam v2 or a Wyze Cam Black and you’ve got a cam on wheels that you can pilot anywhere. Or, if you’re like Brando from our Discord… it’s a snack-carrying tray?

We’re still taking orders, and they should be fulfilled in the normal 3-5 business day timeframe. :snowman_with_snow:

Preorder shipping for all waves has completed!

That means this is your last email from me, Wyze Car preorderers. I’ll miss you dearly. Your email inbox will have one less thing to swipe away, though. That’s a plus, right?

Wyze Watch 47mm C


Shipping is ongoing.
Wyze Watch 47mm is back in style with the new Wyze Watch 47mm C! It’s the watch you know and love with new colors, bands, and matching watch faces.

Shipping continues. We’re working hard through logistical challenges with these orders - we should see acceleration in fulfillment of Wyze Watch 47mm C very soon.

That’s all for this week!

Thanks again for hangin’ folks!

Once a week not enough Dad jokes for you? Worried about missing out on hearing the word “seaport” once a week once your product is done shipping? Well, you can always come hang out with me on Discord!

:notes: Turn aroundddd. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never comin’ round. :notes:
—Jimmy from Wyze