Shipping a V3? This is ridiculous - almost a month in Seattle

I’ve had a V3 in shipment from Seattle since February 11th,
I’ve already spent hours on the phone TRYING to contact support,
What the heck is going on?
USPS is the WORST.
From wyze.narvar:

  • FEB 12 8:27 PM
    Accepted at USPS Regional Origin Facility
    Seattle wa distribution center

  • MAR 7 8:13 PM
    Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
    Seattle wa distribution center

Are you trying to call Wyze or USPS support? As it is at a distribution center, Wyze can’t do jack a bout it, and sadly USPS is way behind do to weather and politics.

As @KittenCanaveral said, Wyze can’t do much if it’s been shipped. They most likely won’t send you a new one because it isn’t lost. I’d suggest contacting USPS.

My complaint is mainly with USPS service and secondarily with Wyze for continuing to use USPS.
After years of experience with trying to get support from USPS I don’t waste time trying to call them.

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Every package that I have had shipped to me through USPS in the last couple of months, has been delayed at least a week if not 2-3. Form Amazon, Wyze, Ebay etc… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And I had a 2 day FedEx package arrive 8 days late. :roll_eyes:

You’re lucky it shipped. Mine’s been in Pick/Pack for almost two weeks. I’m guessing they over sold, don’t have them in stock, and won’t tell folks.

You can cancel the order and order a fresh. V3s are in stock when you buy with CamPlus. If you already have CamPlus, you just buy and they ship almost immediately. That is my experience.

I ordered an additional V3 on a Monday, I had it by Thursday, besides getting replacement contact sensors for my bricked ones. This was the fastest I have ever gotten a WYZE product ordered from the WYZE shop.

they are not in stock. They are saying they are even with Cam+, but I’ve waited two weeks. Their customer support has admitted to me, via email less than 10 minutes ago, that they do not have the products in stock and to be patient as they are backlogged. They will take your money and let you twist in the wind.

Again - this is not a Wyze product backlog, rather POOR USPS shipping.
now wyze.narvar states Mar 8 Arriving late.

I just picked up two v3 cameras at Microcenter.

" It looks like an item on your order is currently backordered" is what is stated the email I got from Wyze.

Only packages amazon ever “lost” for me was when they used USPS…

It SHIPPED it’s not on backorder.

That’s not my order. I stated what was going on with me, which is not the same as yours.

I’m in NE Ohio and 2 weeks ago I got stuff from USPS from mid-December.

It arrived.
So basically
Feb 11, Wyze —> (1 day) USPS SEATTLE WA DISTRIBUTION CENTER—> March 9, 2021, 7:00 pm
Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
delivered March 10th, about noon.

26 days in the Seattle area sure puts a crimp in quick shipping.