Ship to Puerto Rico

As best I can tell, you use the US Postal Service (USPS) to ship your product. You ship to the lower 48 but you also ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Hawaii is key, because you don’t ship to Puerto Rico even though Puerto Rico, an island like Hawaii, is every much a part of the USPS as is Hawaii.

That is, there’s no legitimate reason for you not to ship to Puerto Rico given the fact that you do ship to Hawaii. Puerto Rico is not an international location according to the USPS. It’s not an international location according to the US government - American citizens don’t need passports to come to Puerto Rico. You can use a US Forever stamp to send a letter to Puerto Rico just the same as you can use a US Forever stamp to send a letter across town. You cannot use a US Forever stamp to send a letter to someone in Scotland, or in Chile, or in Australia, etc.

Please, PLEASE start shipping to Puerto Rico.


Hi @dittoheadadt, I’m also from Puerto Rico, it’s good to see others Puerto Ricans that like Wyze Cameras too and would love to have them. Since you are from PR I assume you can speak Spanish and I’m going to answer you in spanish.

Para poder conseguirte unas cámaras Wyze en Puerto Rico tienes 2 opciones:
• Comprarlas por Amazon y ellos sí hacen shipping a Puerto Rico, pero te saldría cada cámara en $25 dólares cada una.
• Esta es un poquito más tricky ya que yo creo que ni ellos mismos saben que pueden hacer shipping a Puerto Rico (es mas como un bug). Si intentas comprar cualquier cosa desde la página web de Wyze para enviarlo a Puerto Rico no vas a poder (ya que no aparece el " estado" de PR en las opciones.). Sin embargo, desde la aplicación de Wyze sí puedes hacer compras y te hacen el envío a Puerto Rico. Para ello, debes descargar el app de Wyze, registrarte, ir al área de “Shop”, elegir tu método de pago y por último la dirección chan, chan, chaaaan. En este último paso debes elegir una dirección que esté registrada en la base de datos de US Postal Service (en mi caso la mia lo está) y cuando la elijas, ta-daaan, aparece Puerto Rico como estado automáticamente (si lo buscas manualmente no aparecerá). Por último, realizas tu compra y recibes tu producto. Ya he probado este método y me funcionó y no sé si ellos tengan conocimiento de que sí hacen shipping a Puerto Rico.

To get you Wyze cameras in Puerto Rico you have 2 options:
• Buy them by Amazon and they do ship to Puerto Rico, but each camera would cost $ 25 dollars.
• This is a little more tricky since I believe that they do not know they can do shipping to Puerto Rico (it’s more like a bug). If you try to buy anything from the Wyze website to send it to Puerto Rico you will not be able to (since the “state” of PR does not appear in the options.). However, from the Wyze app you can make purchases and they send you to Puerto Rico. To do this, you must download the Wyze app, register, go to the “Shop” area, choose your payment method and finally the address tan, tan, taaaan. In this last step you must choose an address that is registered in the US Postal Service database (in my case mine is it) and when you choose it, ta-daaa, Puerto Rico appears as a state automatically (if you search manually, it does not will appear). Finally, you make your purchase and receive your product. I have already tried this method and it worked for me and I do not know if they are aware that they are shipping to Puerto Rico.

Here you have a screenshot of evidence so you can see that it is indeed possible:

In summary, Wyze do ship to Puerto Rico, but maybe they don’t know it. Because that is what they say:

Shipping is only available within the United States. We are not able to ship to U.S. territories and military bases.

I hope I have helped you and that you can receive your camera in the next few days.

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Thanks Jery! It’s funny, I’ve had a few email conversations with a few Wyze people over the last week or so, and none of them is aware of the “hacks” you described! They all have said something along the lines of “we’re always looking to expand” or “we don’t ship internationally yet”, etc. (I’ve pointed out to them that PR is not “international,” that PR is as much a part of the USPS as is Montana and New Hampshire and Tennessee, etc.)

I’ll check out Amazon. I’m ok paying $5 more than the price Wyze charges, especially if I can get them shipped with Prime for free shipping, because then the price is about the same as buying directly from Wyze. I’ll also go into the app and see about that.

On a separate note, Dollar Shave Club’s website doesn’t have PR as a “state” destination, but DSC uses the USPS, so I enter all my PR address information, including my San Juan ZIP Code, but I use the state of FL in the “state” field…and they always make it to me! But I don’t want to risk that for more expensive items than razor blades.

Anyway, thanks so much for the information. It’s very helpful.


The app order worked like a charm! It’s amazing that YOU know this but the Wyze people don’t! No offense to them, it’s obviously complicated, and a LOT of people have no clue about Puerto Rico or how we’re an integral part of the USPS.


Great! I’m happy that it worked for you too.
And yeah, that’s kinda sad, but to be fair, it’s not like they have a lot of users from Puerto Rico and there is not a lot (to none) of education in USA about Puerto Rico and how it is part of the United States.
But let’s see where this is going now since they ship to Puerto Rico, maybe they can announce it officially.

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I’m so happy to hear that this worked for you both! I spoke to the team and we’ll work to make this process easier for you once we get our ducks in a row. Thanks for bringing it up! :slight_smile:

And you’re right, I remember almost nothing about Puerto Rico being covered in history classes and that’s definitely a problem.

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Hi everyone - We announced the “launch” of shipping to Puerto Rico today in our March email newsletter, which means you’ll now be able to order and ship Wyze products to Puerto Rico from and the Wyze app.

Thank you all again for bringing this to our attention and helping us improve the experience for all Wyze users!! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Amie that is great news, thanks for that, a lot of orders are coming your way from PR, but there is a little update you guys need to make to the states list in the shipping form, PR is not listed within the app so people will not be able to do this the easy way. And on the website there is no shipping option available.



Thanks for flagging issues! We thought we had fixed them prior to launch, but it looks like the changes we made may have been reverted with additional work needed for Early Access/Sense launch… You can still use address auto-fill to order in the Wyze app, but we’ll need to update the shipping method for the website. I’ll provide an update once I hear back from our dev team that they’ve resolved. Thanks for your patience!

PR shipping method issue on website is now fixed. Still waiting for app dropdown to be fixed, but there is the workaround to auto-fill in address.

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All of the same info applies to the Virgin Islands, again a USPS region within the US as VI.

It’s great that you ship here now. From may 13 to today ive ordered around 450 bucks worth of stuff and as you expand on your products I will be ordering more.

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