Need a better shipping method

On October 2, I ordered several items directly from you. Shipping and handling cost me an additional 20% , with expected arrival 4-7 days. It’s October 10, still no package. USPS gives the expected delivery date as October 21. That’s 19 days from the order date, not the 4-7 days. I paid over $17 for shipping on a $86 purchase.

I live in Hawaii so sometimes, rarely, a shipment arrives a day or two later. But 19 days… about the same as traveling by barge.

Is there a different method you could use? USPS Priority Mail costs less and arrives within 4 days. UPS and FedEx, two days.

You can order them from Amazon as well, if you are a prime member you get preferred shipping included (not sure how it works for Hawaii, but 2 days in continental US) - the cam’s seem to cost more at first, but when you add in shipping they come out even - at least they did in my case.

Edit: they also have them at most Home Depot stores - if one of those is available to you.

On a separate note this is a user to user forum, and while Wyze is good at keeping an eye on things here, it is not a direct line to them. Here is where you can contact them directly and receive a ticket number for any issues:


Hi, @HawaiiUser. Please keep in mind, this is primarily a user-to-user forum and the Moderators and Mavens are all volunteers. I would recommend doing as @steve4335 stated if need a response from Wyze. :slight_smile: