Shipping duration to Oregon

Does anyone know the transit time for product shipment to Portland, Oregon?
I ordered 6 cameras on 4/4/19…


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Hello @sfbay50, if you placed all the orders through the Wyze app they ship within 3-7 business days. If you don’t receive the cameras within that time frame you should contact support with the order number.

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And since they ship from Kirkland WA, you should be on the shorter end of the timeframe (hopefully).


Thanks Loki and Mixonepa. Fingers crossed : )

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Since they use UPSMI don’t expect it to be normal shipping times. UPSMI is the worst possible shipping option there is.

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Ordered $100 of product on 7-28-19. Paid $14 freight and as of today 8-7-19 have not received anything. I am in Fl. Tracking number from Wyze is 3 days behind with no delivery date.
I will never buy direct again until Wyze offers Fedx and UPS not using the USPS!

No money was saved due to the SD card price and the freight cost.
Just go to Amazon and get great shipping service!
Good Luck

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