Ship date for Thermostat?

Any ship date for the thermostat yet?

the pre order said Dec. I’m hoping before the 15th when my furnace guy comes for other maintenance…
Is it going to happen?

The Wyze support page says shipping mid December for the Wyze Thermostat.

Preorder Shipping Information

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I got an email the other day letting me know they will start shipping this Friday. See below:

Preorder Shipment Update #1

Week of 12/9/2020 - Welcome!

Hi, friend!

My name is Jimmy and I’m a Community Manager here at Wyze. I work a lot with our user communities, and one common request that we’ve heard from you is that you’d like proactive updates on the status of your preorder shipments. We’ve heard you— going forward I’ve got your back with weekly updates coming straight from me until your order ships.

It’s been an insanely busy month for our supply chain. We’re shipping out unbelievable amounts of orders from three different warehouses across the US to get your products to you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience while we work through this massive influx of holiday orders!

Things to remember.

  • Carriers can take 4-10 business days to deliver packages after the package has been picked up from our warehouses.
  • Packages heading to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico could take 2-4 weeks to deliver.

Before we start, I think it’s important to note that we’re now navigating through one of the busiest seasons of the year with record levels of stress on our shipping infrastructure in this country. Shipping carriers are fielding all-time-high holiday shipments during a pandemic that could shut down both manufacturing and shipping along the way at a moment’s notice. But we’re determined to succeed and we’re excited to get your products safely into your hands!

These weekly emails will always include our best estimates for when devices will leave our warehouse and be on their way to you based on the information that we have at the time. These estimates are subject to potential changes, but I’m here to be transparent with you and keep you posted on any updates every week.

Let’s go!

Wyze Cam v3


30% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from October 27th - October 31st

Shipping estimated by 12/19.

Orders from November 1st - November 21st

Shipping estimated by 12/26.

Orders from November 22nd - November 28th

Shipping estimated by 1/2.

Orders from November 29th - December 5th

Shipping estimated by 1/9.

Orders from December 6th - December 9th

Shipping estimated in January.

Notes for Wyze Cam v3

We’re running a few weeks behind with orders placed at the end of October which has delayed the orders that follow. This is due to a temporary manufacturing delay caused by limited resources for one of our internal components.

Fortunately things are looking much better now and production is ramping up again. We’re very sorry to those affected by this hiccup.

Wyze Cam v3 units are packaged in either multi-packs or individually depending on how many you ordered. Due to this, it is possible that outbound shipments may slightly fluctuate from first-in-first-out depending on the supply of each at the warehouse closest to you.

Wyze Thermostat


Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Wyze Thermostat orders will start shipping to users around 12/19!
This is right on schedule.

Notes for Wyze Thermostat

We’re finalizing an update to the Wyze app that adds support for Wyze Thermostat, and then shipments can begin. We’ll have more specific dates once the app update is live. Keep in mind that shipments will take multiple weeks to complete!

…Please keep your old thermostat connected while you wait. :wink:

Wyze Headphones


80% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from October 30th - December 1st

Shipping estimated by 12/12.

Orders from December 2nd - December 9th

Shipping estimated by 12/19.

Notes for Wyze Headphones

Several shipments of Wyze Headphones were delayed in transit to us, so our overall schedule has been a bit slower than we initially planned.

A large shipment is coming in this week, so we may be able to finish preorders a bit faster than the estimates above.

We’re now sending tonnnns of headphones at a time! Can’t wait to get yours to you. 🙌

Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle


Most preorders have shipped.

We’re so sorry for the delay on the last few orders! More info in the notes below.

We’re planning to be fully caught up on the outstanding orders by 12/19 .

Notes for Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundles

We’ve been running behind with preorders placed for Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundles because of a temporary shortage with the WiFi module that we use in Base Stations.

This is why some people received single camera units earlier than folks that preordered the Starter Bundle around the same time.

We will plan timing to reopen orders once we get through the remaining preorders.

Wyze Video Doorbell


Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

It’s been a little while since you placed your Wyze Video Doorbell order, so hopefully this email rings some bells!

At this time, we’re estimating that these will begin to ship by late January.

Notes for Wyze Video Doorbells

Through our rigorous QA testing, we’ve identified some areas where we’d like to improve to ensure that the quality of your Wyze Video Doorbell is up to our standards. We’re trying our hardest to implement these quality enhancements without affecting shipping timeframes.

It is possible (but not 100% confirmed yet!) that some orders planned for shipment in January may need to be moved to February due to these changes. We wanted to be transparent and give you a heads up right now that this is a possibility, and we will keep you posted as dates become clearer.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Wyze Robot Vacuum


Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

These little helpers will begin making their way to customers by early January.

You’ll have those perfect vacuum lines in your carpet in no time!

Wyze Sprinkler Controller


Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Our shipping schedule is still looking good to begin mid-to-late January.

Hope your lawn doesn’t get too thirsty in the meantime! :hot_face:

Wyze Watch

Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Shipments are set to start in February.

Feels like we’re counting down the minutes, huh? ⏰

Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware


Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

The new generation of Wyze Sense will begin shipping in February.
This includes Core Starter Kits as well as additional Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Keypads.

Ordered Wyze Cams with your Wyze Home Monitoring equipment? They’ll ship separately, as soon as they’re in stock.
Thanks so much for reading through this! Hope you have a great rest of your week, and we’ll be in touch next week if your product hasn’t already shipped!

– Jimmy from Wyze

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I got that to but never scrolled down far enough to notice the ship date…

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Update on mine, mine just notified me that it shipped. Hopefully makes it here before Christmas!

A lot of shipping info on pre-order items on this post:

Also just got an email that mine shipped I’m ready my nest has been going crazy the past month

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I received my shipping email notification that mine shipped out on 12/16/20… Looking at the tracking this morning, it’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, 12/19/20 and is currently sitting in the local FedEx center it’ll be delivered from.