Sharing Home Monitor and Scale simultaneously

OK… So I just purchased the Wyze Scale. It’s great, I’m also a subscriber to the Home Monitor System, and it’s great as well. In fact, I have a bunch of Wyze products, and am total sold on their product quality and their business model. But here’s the thing… My wife and I have both been using the same account (mine) in order to use the Home Monitor System. No problem. But now that we have the Wyze Scale, I find that we have to have two separate accounts in order to both use the Scale. So, one account works for the Home Monitor System, but the Scale needs two accounts. And they’re mutually exclusive. As much as I like Wyze products, this seems like a pretty major disconnect. We are a household, and need to be able to interact with Wyze products as a household. Hopefully, you’ll get this fixed quickly, as it kinda casts a shadow over an otherwise great collection of products.