Multiple Scales on 1 account

MOD NOTE: This was added in the 2.13 app release.

I bought 2 scales one for upstairs and one for downstairs. It would be nice to have them both added to my Wyze account.

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Same here. Bought one for primary residence and one for secondary residence. Don’t want to have to carry a scale with me every time I move between them. Need them both to feed to same account and affiliated users (other family members) that are using the scale(s).


LOL. I bet the Wyze Team didn’t see that one coming!



Thanks for the tag! Sorry for my delay.

We’re looking into opening the ability to have more than 1 scale per account. :slight_smile:


I bought 2 scales, but haven’t opened the 2nd one. After seeing how the integration in the app was, I was worried that adding a second scale would keep 2 separate logs of my records on each scale, rather than a single scale “instance” in the app that accepts data from both scales.

How does it work? I’m asking as I’m thinking of returning the 2nd one if there isn’t a clean solution.

Love the scale!

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they are still working on it per Gwendolyn’s response.

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Excellent. I did the same thing. Bought one scale for upstairs and one for downstairs. I normally use one bathroom but when getting up early, use the other. In my case, having two scales on one account is just convenience, but certainly for the people having more than one property it’s not feasible to take the scale with you.

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We love the scale and just had our second one delivered. Wish I had known of this limitation before I doubled-up.

Sorry about that! I checked in and it’s still something we’re looking into but I don’t have an expected date for this.

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Any updates on this @UserCustomerGwen? I just had a 2nd scale delivered to my vacation home. Wouldn’t have purchased if I knew I couldn’t have more than one scale on my account.

Actually, yes! This is in development but it isn’t ready for testing yet. I just got the update today. :slight_smile:


Good morning - Just wanted to check on this to see when we might see this come to fruition. Thank you.

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We’re starting testing for this now. So it’s on the way but I’m not certain about the timeline yet. :slight_smile:


Need the ability to add a 2nd Wyze Scale. We purchased another scale for use at our second home - but the App would not allow scale #2 to be added until scale #1 was removed. We should have the ability to pair multiple scales and have the data contributed to the user’s profile.

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I was so impressed with the scale I bought a 2nd for the other bathroom, the page with scale criteria didn’t say more than 1 not allowed per account, I still use it but would like to have it link for the rest of the family. My bath, my scale… go down the hall… :smiley:

Please add the ability to add more than one scale to the app.

We’re working on it! It’s in testing now. :slight_smile:


Looks like they added this function with the latest app v2.13