Sharing cams from Wyze app on my Android device with an IOS Wyze user

Please, I need help from IOS users.

I have Wyze app installed on my Android devices. I also have 5 different Wyze cameras set up.

This is my issue:
I shared all cams with an Apple user, That user accepted the invite. That user used the same invite email and added on 2 IOS devices, So basically ending up with two IOS devices using the sane email shared invite.

That IOS user decided to lend one of the 2 IOS devices to a family member which does not have her own device, email address and Wyze account.

I decided to create the family member her own email address and Wyze account. Once this was achieved, I sent her the invite using the new email address I just created.

What I don’t know, why my invite is not being received to the Apple device like I always do between Androids’? Also, how to remove the accepted invite that won’t be needed on one of the two devices once the newly invite is reached.

Please help!

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You share with an account, not a device. If the user uses 2 devices to view that account, then that is not unusual.

Also not unusual.

I’m guessing because they didn’t previously have a Wyze account? They are up and running, so they probably didn’t see a reason to do anything different.

You can delete the previous invite by going to Account tab > Sharing > [select user] > select camera > Edit pencil in upper right > Unselect camera > Update


Thank you @Newshound for your insight.

Yes, I got it now.

Thanks again for your help.

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