Shadows Being Recognized as Vehicles

My Wyze Cam v3 keeps recognizing tree shadows as vehicles. It is in the center of the area being used so I cannot utilize the detection zone or the camera will be useless. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

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Is there a vehicle in the image?

Remember that the camera uploads the video clip based on motion in the detection zone. Once uploaded, the AI looks at the entire image (not just the detection zone) to see if there is something of interest. So if there is a parked car across the street (out of your detection zone), and the shadows (in the detection zone) moves enough, the camera uploads the video and the AI sees a vehicle and tags it as such.

With that said, I was recently told that some of the cameras are not uploading the detection zone mask, so that the AI knows what to ignore. According to my source, at some point in the future, that function will exist for all the cameras - but not yet.