Several tries in France and UK and in both countries, connection auth stops at step 2/3 ? Help!

So I have already 9 perfectly working Wyze Products at my home in the US, LOVE them.*they can be accessed totally normally when my phone is connected to the LAN and when I am anywhere in the world, via the internet.

So I brought them to family in France and UK and in both places; I can set them up on the LAN, on Wifi, I can connect and see the video stream when my cell phone is on the same wifi network. When I then disconnect my phone fron the LAN; then authentication is stopped at 2/3 and it retries but never connect.

I tried to see if the routers in UK and France have some firewall with specific rules; nothing I can pinpoint.

Any idea on how to resolve this. I did not try to use the current UK and France as a bridge and use a different router after it as this sounds far too complicated, there must be something I am missing. Any idea?

Thanks a bunch for your help. Love my Wyze, the one that work :wink:

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Colleen from Support resolved it beautifully. Turns out it is that the upload bandwidth was too low. Reduced resolution to 360 and it works.

Probably the App should try to reduce the resolution automatically and pop up a message.

anyway, WYZE rocks

Auto reducing the resolution is a necessary step as when the cameras are thousands miles away, if you change back the resolution to a higher one, the camera would not be accessible anymore.

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