Setting up free cloud storage,

Hi, just purchased and installed 2 off V3 cameras. Very impressed with the ease of installations and picture quality . My next step s to try the free cloud storage, but do not see instructions on how to set that p… I know there are limitations with the free storage model, bt want to try it first. Is there a “how to set p free clod storage tutorial” that anyone could recommend?

@brewerg4 You should be able to do it using cam plus lite:

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Once the step above is done, you can go into the gear icon of each camera in the app and toggle on the notifications and event recording to what you’d like.

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Thanks for the info. I did as the link suggested and now My Accont shows:-

Cam Plus Lite Monthly Plan

Legacy cloud video storage and Person Detection for all eligible cameras.

Which I assume means I am “signed up” for free cloud storage.

I then went into each camera and then into the gear icon of each camera and into event recording tab and turned on “Record motion events” and checked the “All motion events box”.
I then went and stood in front of each camera, bt it did not seem to record any of the event (s). I must be missing something.

@spamoni4 sorry to bug you but do you see anything else that is needed for this to be setup?

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Cam Plus Lite, you would sign up and make sure the name your price is $0, if prompted.

Once you have the service you would go to the Account Tab, Services and associate your camera.

You will get 12 second recording as well as person detection. You will still be subject to a 5 minute cool down.

When I get back home, I can attach screen shots.

Unless @R.Good or @carverofchoice can provide now. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for offering to help. I believe I have signed up for Cam Plus Lite, and have associated each of my 2 cameras, but see no recorded video when movement is detected on the cameras.

Do you have Event Recording turned on in the Settings of both cameras in the App?

In the Event Recording tab I have “Record motion events” turned on and “All motion events” checked.

Try restarting each of the cameras. You’ll go into the gear icon and then scroll to the bottom and click “restart.”

In order to see the events, I am goin to the Album tab and then video tab, is that how I should be able to view the event recording?

After what I read online (I don’t have an sd card) if you have an sd card in your camera, it’ll store events in the album like you are saying. I believe if you took out the sd card (if that’s what you have), it’ll store them in “events.”

restarted both cameras, waived my arms in front of each camera in turn, no events showing up!!

Never put an SD card in. I have thus been looking at the wrong location to see the events. I went to events at the bottom of the screen as you suggested, and all events are there. Problem solved, I believe. Thanks to all who helped.