Set-up floodlight with wyse cam3

Handyman finished installing the floodlight with cam3 last evening. I didn’t take time to set it up and apparently all day, in a loud volume, it has been saying “ready to connect”. I have the quick start guide and it says to press the Setup botton on the bottom of the camera. This camera is completely sealed there are no buttons. There is no place to put an SD card. How do I set the camera up?

You may need to pull on the camera and extend it so that you can see the setup button and the place to put the SD card


Yea, rotate the camera so it’s looking upwards, while holding the motion detection part. Do it gently as the plastic is kinda thin, but it should rotate pretty easily.

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Thank you everyone. the button and the cover for the SD card are white and blend in with the case. I’m 65 and was up on a ladder and could not see them. My handyman came back over to lend a hand.