Service Advisory: Monitoring tab not working for Wyze Home Monitoring 9/18/23

9/18/23 5:03 PM PT - We’re still not fully recovered for Monitoring tab access for Wyze Home Monitoring customers nor the IoT connections. Our success rates are higher than they had been earlier and AWS is still working on the problems. We’ll update you again later.


I was still having issues with my cameras but finally ended up getting all my cameras working again after unplugging them and plugging them back in. So obviously the only way to do this if you are not home would be to use a smart plug with each camera, hate the added expense and feel this should be built into the cameras but okay. So what are we supposed to do about the Wyze Floodlights? They are hard wired so a smart plug can’t be used and the only way to reboot them with a power off/on is via the wall switch, something you can’t do when you’re out of town.

None of my devices required a power cycle. All of them came back online on their own. I did do a Router Reboot in the beginning, but all the offline devices stayed offline afterward since the outage was still ongoing.

Probably a topic for another thread… but I see two options. (1) Wire the floodlights to an extension cord w\ male wall plug and plug it into a Wyze plug (this is what I did), (2) they make WiFi enabled Smart Breakers.

9/18/23 7:19 PM PT - While most of our metrics are recovered, we are still waiting for AWS to finish their changes and pronounce the issue resolved. If you continue to have difficulty with one of more of your devices, please try power cycling them (removing the power and plugging them back in). In many cases, that will help restore connection. We know that this has taken a while and appreciate your patience.


Are you guys not using multi region for AWS IoT? If only using single region from AWS, it’s prompt to have downtime like this.

As a home security monitoring system, any downtime would be critical to the customer.

Now I know why my lights and my sensors are wacking out.
Got em working ok now though

10/26/23: This problem is still not resolved. Monitoring tab is blank. Why am I paying for monitoring and can I get a refund?

This specific outage was resolved, if you are still having issues it is not related to this. Could you give me the specific app version you are on? Have you contacted support about this and if so can I get the ticket number so I can have the proper team look into this and hopefully get it resolved?


The original ticket number is #3398085.

I deleted the app and reinstalled and it appears to be working normally.

It would helpful if customer service would put this step into their trouble shooting protocols.