Server Outage- 01/09/2023

I just noticed an odd collection of devices that have gone offline: a plug, two bulbs and several cameras. Is there a server outage?

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I have not had any reports of one but I will definitely keep an eye out for more posts.


I’m checking, most of mine seem okay. I will also verify with downdetector reports, etc

Update: Downdetector reports have remained low all day, and particularly low for the last hour+ I’ll keep an eye out for other reports though.

We would definitely prefer to have attempts at early reports to get it handled ASAP rather than late reports. Try the standard restarting things?

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Seems to have been a transient event. Tried restarting all of the offline devices to no affect. Just now did the same and all came back. I didn’t lose ALL my devices nor any non-Wyze ones. It was just a few: two bulbs, two V3s and an older plug.

I’ve got plenty of other Wyze hardware, but just the few went offline. Also, they are on two different wifi APs and different subnets on my network.


Thanks for reporting this. As with @carverofchoice , I have not noticed any issues. But will monitor in the event something is going on.


Everything working fine here also. :+1:


Everything seems to be working now. Not sure what was going on since it was just a few, random devices.