Server down means no vacuum?

My WRV’s have been down all day.
I cannot vacuum.
Why can’t they be independent of the Wyze network?

This is kind of like how Tesla owners weren’t able to get into their cars when Tesla server crashed.

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Exactly this will be absolutely idiotic to not have a vacuum work just because internet is down or their servers down. If they go out of biz our vac becomes useless? If so I’ll probably return as it’s not been 30 days. Also if we have to readd we would lose mapping, virtual walls, schedules? That will be major pain.

they don’t start when you press the button on the vac?

I live in a mansion. I do not vacuum the whole floor at once.

Actually people were able to get into their Tesla’s by using the keycard. They just couldn’t get in by using the app via their phones.

I don’t carry a wallet. No credit card and no key card. I leave one of my driver’s license in the car.
All I carry is my iPhone. And all those who didn’t have the key card were locked out.
Fortunately, I was at work and didn’t have to access the car while the server was down.

Just makes sense to always keep a backup (keys or keycard) in your pocket, to get into your vehicle should the phone app or key FOB fail. But keeping your drivers license in your car is not very smart. If your car is stolen while you are out, then they now have your address to burglarize and know you aren’t home. Also, you will have to pay to get a replacement license and won’t legally be able to drive until you get it.

Doesn’t bother me to keep my keycard in my pocket or on a key ring with my house keys. The same with my other vehicle that uses a FOB, I always have a spare key on me, because batteries in FOB’s go bad.

it’s ok. He lives in a mansion.


I have multiple licenses. I have motorcycles and have multiple bike jackets and I have license in each jacket.
My mansion is very secure so no worries.

Exactly. sorry that I cannot utilize your suggestion due to the size of my residence.

What state gives out multiple licenses? Usually it’s all on one license.

You can always purchase extra.

That’s for a replacement, you can’t have multiple driver’s licenses as you seem to have. Which my the way is illegal.

Guess what?
I lost them all.
I might have to order another one. Lol.

I think i saw you yesterday on the road going 3 mph over the limit.
That’s illegal, buddy.

Well, “buddy” you made it sound like you have numerous driver’s licenses all at the same time. So cleary, you’ve been making stuff up. And no, you didn’t see me yesterday because I never go over the speed limit unless it’s to avoid being hit by another vehicle.