Separate push notification settings for each wyze cam


I have wyzecams that are on my driveway and some facing my doors.

Obviously, owing to global push notifications settings, I end up getting too many notification from the driveway wyzecams. I feel that the ones facing the door and inside the house are more important to me considering the fact that I would need to be notified of a house break-in rather than a car driving in front of my yard.

Could you please accept a feature request for allowing individual push notification settings for each wyze cam ?

Since there is an option to select each camera one by one and also select all cameras in the notification tab, we could use it to decide which camera the notification changes would apply to after the user clicks on the settings button.



This request is being tracked in Wyze’s feature request tracker and I’ve added your vote for it there. It is something that Wyze has indicated that they plan to implement at some future time.