Sensor/Controller Module

Usually, every time I need to “sense” or control something, I design my own MCU board and write custom software. However, it would be great if Wyze offered a universal sensor/controller module.
The module could be similar to the existing sensor, in fact, it could be based on it, just add few inputs and outputs.
The possible uses? Moisture sensor, to detect leaks or sense dry soil (I know some adopt current sensor module to detect flooding, but it’s just on/off.) Light sensing, for example to check how much sunlight a given area provides. Measuring wind speed and direction. Control custom lights and equipment. Thermometer! (that one could actually be a stand alone product or an attachment to the sensor; I use 4ch thermometer in my smoker, but it would be nice if I had only one app instead of multiple.) And so on.
I think such module would be popular with hobbyists (countless number of uses in projects) and with educational institutions (lab experiments, data logging, etc.)
The new module could have more than one analog input, 4 would be perfect and possibly few digital outputs (not only on/off, but possibly UART or SPI.) Software would allow setting of a threshold and record periodic events, all simple changes.

a great integration would be with the Ecowitt WH51. When connected to a gateway it can publish data to an endpoint directly. So if there was an endpoint on the sprinkler controller it would work perfectly