Open Wyze sensor

Remove the magnetic reed switch and replace it with screw terminals so that and sensor can be connected that would complete the simple circuit. I could rip an existing on open and solder the wires myself but a finished product would be better. Examples of other sensors would be a disconnected magnetic reed switch that could then be flush mounted in doors or other things that open/close. Shock sensors that complete a circuit when they are hit. Water sensors that would complete the circuit when water comes in contact with it. Obvious uses are under sinks, tubs, or water heaters. A simple button could be set up for children or disabled or elderly to notify you of help. I really could go on for a long time I have a ton of ideas.

There are already several different types of sensor requests on the #wishlist. Please search that category and vote for the ones you would like to see. If you come up with unique sensor ideas not already requested, please submit each type as a single #wishlist request. :slight_smile:

I did look through the wishlist but didn’t see what I suggested. I am suggesting an open platform which doesn’t really know how to sense anything on its own really.

This one might interest you:

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And this one:

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One of those I posted and it they are different. Those are asking for the ability to control (output). This one is asking for an open input. Two different things. However one device that could be set to either input or output would be kinda cool. Or one that could take input and do output at the same time.

@lachlan6 We debated on whether this would be two different things and looks like we guessed wrong. Therefore, I’ve moved this one back to #wishlist so you can now vote on it. Any clarifying comments you can add on both topics would be useful.

Wanted to put a plug in for this open sensor / dry contact input as well. This would be fantastic in an integration sense. For example at work we have a commercial fire alarm system that does not talk to anything other than the fire department. But it has plenty of contact outputs so it could easily close an output connected to a wyze relay which could then alert us via wyze and or perform additional functions via IFTTT scripts. Very few other systems e.g. Scout etc. offer this kind of deep integration - likely because they want to trap you into buying their smoke detectors. But there are many scenarios like ours where that is not an option. Plus people would come up with innumerable clever uses for this kind of module.

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see this guys gets it!