Just create a dry contact sensor

If you create a dry contact sensor, users can disconnect the alarm output of their home alarm systems, and connect to the dry contact. They could then get an alarm from their old alarm system (That is already connected to all the alarm points in the house) that has not been under alarm contract because it’s too expensive.


You should make this a wishlist item.



I am trying to rig up a leak detector to do just that. My issue is that Wyze doesn’t treat leak sensors the same way they treat entry sensors. There isn’t any way to “disarm” them other than to put the system in test mode.
I took the remote water sensor with cord and cut the cable. It is a funky stranded cord underneath the jacket. You need to use a lighter to burn away the insulation on the tiny strands. Then twist together and I put them on a terminal strip. In my case, I have a septic alarm with float that has a normally open/normally closed relay on it. I ran an outdoor Cat5 to the box, put the blue pair on the NO/COM contacts, and ran that to the terminal strip that the sensor is tied to. Works like a charm. In my case, the lack of ability to disable isn’t an issue.