General use contact sensors for Wyze Sense Hub / Home Monitoring

I would love to have a simple Wyze contact state sensor!

I currently have an older alarm system with N/C mag switch sensors having screw terminals, that I am upgrading. I have installed the Wyze Sense Hub + Home Monitoring service, etc.
I would love to have a Wyze sensor I could connect to an existing magnetic switch to signal the switches’ state. In my existing system, multiple windows in some rooms are wired and monitored with their mag switches connected in series, resulting in one pair of wires signaling circuit OPEN if ANY window in the room is open.

Note: The old Wyze sensors would such a task (e.g, open sensor, bring out pigtails from the ends of the internal reed switch… ), but they are incompatible with the Wyze Sense Hub.

The Wyze sensor I envision would simply have two screw terminals on it and would signal the state of its contacts. The Wyze app Notifications set up for the sensor would be similar to the ones for the home monitoring leak sensor:

  • Detect when closed
  • Detect when closed for ___ secs (e.g. when contact goes from open to closed, and remains closed for ___ secs)
  • Detect when open
  • Detect when open for ___ secs (e.g. when contact goes from closed to open, and remains open for ___ secs)

This would make for a very useful and flexible sensor!!

I would like Wyze to make a version of their V2 Entry Sensor that has 2 screw terminals that I can connect to an external switch (mag switch) or other contact closure device.

People could then immediately and easily use these for modernizing existing security systems having wired mag switches on windows and doors, etc.

Get it? At minimum, keep the sensors as they are but provide connector terminals to allow an external connection to a switch.


I would like a wifi connected sensor that monitors the status of a dry contact. In this particular case it would be used to send a notification when an automatic start generator stop/starts.