WyzeFlex/MakerBox for DIY Sense/Control/Monitoring

The vision here is to make a versatile IoT device integrated into the well established Wyze ecosystem. Time to get creative!

The device:

Flexible DC power input of 5V-12V
Wifi connected
RULES support for all control/sense features
Terminal strip for external connections (with protections to prevent damage from miswiring)

Any/all of these features - the more the better!
Relays (with auto-reset breakers) for external control (2-4)
Open/close sense connections for monitoring switches (2-4)
Voltmeters (2) for battery state, solar output, etc… monitoring (2)
Multiple PWM drive channels for LED lighting control (4 minimum for RGBW)
Internal microphone supporting monitoring and threshold detection
Internal temperature/humidity sensor

Of course more sensors (ammeter? compass?) could be added, but this would give a great set of basic monitoring/control features. The Wyze App would have a dashboard with buttons to control the relays, status for all sensors, and sliders for the PWM controls.

Would love to discuss with the team! Thanks!

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Done - thanks!

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Sounds awesome! Although a public API would probably be better, then there’s no hardware resitrictions.

As long as the api allowed you to register a custom device