Wyze API Features Whishlist

For over a year now I have been using my unofficial node API package (GitHub - noelportugal/wyze-node: An un-official API wrapper for Wyze products) to get Wyze Sense devices status. Finally yesterday I got to enhance the package and now I can turn on and off Wyze Plugs, Wyze Bulbs and Wyze Cameras.

These are the current things I can do with the current internal API:

  • Get a a list of all devices (it includes devices status i.e. open/close, on/off)
  • Turn on or off a device
  • Get and set a device property

In an ideal world what would you like the API to do? Here is my list:

  • Get still frame capture (right now the only way I can do it is with the RTSP firmware)
  • Get a publisher/subscriber (mqtt) client access (right now I use IFTTT β†’ Rest server β†’ MQTT)

Please chime in with more ideas!


Thanks for the API though, at this point, it’s utility is limited because of the lack of camera support. Has Wyze shown any willingness to document the APIs their apps use for video and control? Can I help encourage them to do so – perhaps in my writings as in Got API??