Sensitivity of outdoor camera

Has any one had a problem with the outdoor cam clipping every 7 seconds. I have it pointing at the driveway and the asphalt road pointing east (sunrise) . The camera will not record people, cars, dogs just clip away all day except night (it works fine). Adjust distance , sensitivity makes no difference. The last week the outside has dropped temp 3
50- 40 degrees during the day, It still clip’s 7 seconds But it is picking people and cars now. Temp goes above 70 degrees stop’s picking up heat signatures. It seems when the driveway and asphalt rises then the heat signature is high enough and covers a wide area ( road & buildings) That people and car temps are lower than. All adjustments has been moved several times with no or very little affect . I have talked to Patrick who has passed
the info to someone else. It seems a heat activated cam will not work where I want it or in the sun, which is where the sun is. Any suggestions go for it.