Sense hub

Has anyone had an issue with connecting a hub to one camera, removing the hub, placing it in a different camera and then the hub will no longer connect? If so, I would love to get a few suggestions on how to remedy this issue. I’ve tried removing the hub and restarting and power cycling the camera, then reattaching the hub. I’ve also tried pressing the button on the hub for up to 30 seconds, all to no avail.

I deleted my sensors in the app,
removed the hub for a few minutes and started over, including using a pin in the sensor holes to relink. Maybe try to link in a location where the hub is real close to your wifi router, so you know you have a strong signal, then move it after you have it set up with that cam?? Good luck

We have been told the button on the back of the Sense Bridge should not be pressed at all. In addition, at this time if you hold down the button for 8 seconds or more, the bridge does a factory reset. This removes all the sensors connected to it. They will still appear in the app, just as offline. You would then need to reconnect them with the bridge. Please do NOT press the button on the bridge while troubleshooting.