Sell Wyze Lock Adapters Separately

I got a new door and the new deadbolt uses a different adapter. I had thought that I saved the others, but I am unable to find them. All I need is a blue adapter, but the adapters are not sold individually. If I were under warranty they would have replaced the entire lock, but I don’t need a whole new lock all I need is a blue adapter…a small plastic peice.

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100% agree - I have a new lock and can’t use the smart lock with it. So my choices are:

  • keep old lock which has been compromised so that I can use the smart lock and pay to have it re-keyed,
  • install new lock and discontinue use of Wyze Lock,
  • install new lock and buy a whole new Wyze Lock for what is likely a 30 cent piece of plastic

I’m not going to buy a new lock …