Selective recording

I have a camera set up in the window of my shop to keep an eye on my vehicle as well as some hot-tubs that are waiting to be refurbished. The camera does a deal of recording. Recording me and that’s about it. Every time I leave or arrive I get a recording. I never however get a recording of the UPS delivery truck or person, no FEDX recordings, no customers at the front door. Last night Some metal thieves took some motor cores “copper wire” that I use as weights to keep the wind from blowing my spa covers away. They took apart another motor I had sitting at the front door and left the parts they did not want. Finally they rummaged through my metal recycling bin and
took some of the metal I had in there. No problem, I’ll just go check out the recordings on the wyze cam. Nothing, not a dang thing. Before and after clips but nothing of the metal thief at my front door for 5 minutes. This seems to be the way the thing works from the get go. It never records anything critical, I have premium membership paid a year in advance and it seems to be a complete waste of money. Why is this camera only selectively recording?

Not sure what you mean by premium membership…CamPlus? Do you have an SD card in the camera? You probably already know this, but without CamPlus you are limited to 12 second clips with a 5 minute cool-down time. SD cards record all events or continuously. Have you activated CamPlus on the camera that failed to record the events you’ve listed?

It’s much easier to give input if you identify which camera you have