Bikes stolen, only recorded first event

So I had a couple bikes stolen last night and the cameras caught the first event, but they came back 2 minutes later to take the second bike and the camera did not record. This happened a few days before where we had a delivery and the delivery was recorded but not the theft a few minutes after. Is there some delay to record post event to reduce recordings I’m not aware of? This is frustrating since I missed out catching the bad guys twice in a few days.

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Absolutely. There is a 5 minute blocking “cooldown” period after each event, unless you pay extra for CamPlus service. Sorry about the bikes!


Do you have a micro SD card in the camera? If so and you have the option set all motion will be recorded on the card - no 5 minute cool down period.


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Sorry about the bike thefts! Those thieves need to make Wyze choices.
Both great ideas from @Customer and @R_T! @Mynthol it this an outdoor camera or indoor camera? If it’s an indoor camera (V2 or Pan) I use an SD card with continuous recording on most of my cameras and I’d doesn’t miss anything because it records continuously to the camera. I’d recommend a 32 GB class 10 card with the FAT 32 format.


If the standard feature is to have the 5 min cooldown without a subscription and without a local SD card, If there is a local SD card, will all the recordings be transferred to the base station as well? Or will these only remain on the local camera SD card?


In the Wyze app for the camera, if you tap on Settings > Event Recording > Recording Cooldown, can you change that option?

I strongly urge & recommend you sign up for CamPlus. It is a great service and very affordable. You can also install a MicroSD card on the camera(s). Free cloud storage only records up to 12 seconds of an event and won’t do that again until 5 minutes have passed.

Local card only but can be viewed through the phone app then recorded and copied elsewhere. Base station only applies to the outdoor cam, not even applicable for the V1, V2 and PanCam.

Within the Wyze app, I see that I can access the videos on the camera, but how can you access the videos on the Base Station? If the videos are on the Base Station, but appear on the camera, how can you tell where the video actually is stored?

Your mention of a base station leads me to believe this is an outdoor cam and not a V2. Stuff below only applies to WCO.

Go to settings: event recording: and change recording cooldown. (You can lower it to one minute, but this will effect battery life)
Outdoor cam recordings are saved to the sd card in the base station (memory card slot on the cam is for travel mode) and currently cant be viewed from the app (you have to pull the card) but will be the same as whats in the cloud.

WCO currently doesnt have a continuous recording to sd card option so CamPlus would be the best bet.
However, CamPlus is currently in Beta Testing for WCO so is not available in the regular version of the app.

Ahhhh, ok. That makes sense. And, apologies for not noting my inquiries to WCO and not WC2, etc.

Thank you!