Seemingly common problem with Wyze Robot Vacuum - lost maps

I have a Wyze Robot Vacuum and I love it. I have a problem that has been written about here but without a satisfactory answer. That is, I accidentally reset the map that I had worked on and tweaked for weeks. It is a big loss. I reset the map because it was in the right of two parallel vertical panels. Two maps were on the right, one of which was meaningless to me. The other was the working map for my main floor. The left vertical panel was empty – it looked like the place a map should go. But I could find no way to move the map. In desperation, I reset it. Now I’m wondering if there is any way to get it back.

Not that I am aware of. Previous cleaning events show the old map, so it shouldn’t be a lot of code to take those coordinates and apply them to a map.
I borked a map awhile back and wished there was a backup.