Security victims speak out

My Wyze cam turned itself on and video taped me in my home for 5 whole hours Wyze could not help me via chat or email. They said they did not know where the video was stored! Now that video is off my phone so are they destroying evidence?

This can happen in situations like a power surge, or if you have automatic firmware updates turned on and the camera updates and reboots, etc. It will always go to the default of watching/recording after a restart.

If this is concerning, you have a few options:

  1. Don’t put a camera inside your house.
  2. Use a camera like the Pan V3 which doesn’t just turn the lens off, but actually blocks the lens entirely. In the case of the Pan V3, it will aim the lens down at the base so nothing can be recorded even if the lens is turned back on. Some brands have started using a lens cover.
  3. Telling a camera to “turn off”…doesn’t actually “turn off” of the camera. It just tells the lens to stop recording. What most privacy-concerned people will do instead is get a separate smart plug and plug the camera’s power adapter into the smart plug. Then when they want the camera to stop recording or turn off, they can just turn off the smart plug and it removes all power from the camera. Now it’s impossible for the camera to turn on or record until they tell the plug to turn on. Then the camera automatically turns on and starts recording.

How do you know it recorded you for 5 hours if you don’t know where the recording is?

Generally, recordings are done in 2 different ways. If you have an SD card, then the recording is inside the camera on the SD card. If you have Cam Plus or cam plus lite, then recordings will show up in the events tab, and they are stored in partnership with AWS on Amazon storage servers. The exact location of the files is fairly irrelevant because they are likely using redundancy and could be PHYSICALLY spread out lots of places. That’s how cloud storage works. Cloud Recordings are saved for 14 days and then automatically deleted. I wouldn’t call that destroying evidence, it’s just all that you’re paying for.

If you don’t want cloud recordings, you can turn it off. Open the camera, go to settings, then even recording and turn off record motion events and record sound events. Now you shouldn’t ever get any more recordings if that’s what you want.

There are ways to make your camera do what you want it to. I am guessing there are some misunderstandings involved. If you elaborate in more detail, someone can likely provide some better suggestions.

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