Possible Security Breach on my Cam v3

I don’t know if this is a security breach or not. I have several wise camera V3 around my house everything is working correctly. I have one that is actually in my room. It is only scheduled to go on when I leave the premises. I also have the Camera Status Light to come on when it has power (Just as a reminder the device is on). So when I’m at home it automatically set to Turn off that camera, No Event Recording and No Notifications per the rules. On Sunday, 1 hour before sunrise I have all the camera do a reboot to just clear out anything that doesn’t suppose to be in memory. That’s the backstory behind the camera in question. I recently checked the footage and to my surprise it’s been recording sporadically a lot! Yesterday I found out it pretty much recorded from mid day to late night. I’m horrified at this particular point but do not understand how is this happening if it is powered off. Does this have the capability of being tapped into from a outside my network firewall. If anyone else has experienced this let me know how did you get it corrected. Also all of my camera are update on firmware.

My guess is it’s a glitch in the schedule. There have been on and off server problems with Wyze and I could see something like that happening. Also, off isn’t really off, as in powered down. It’s more like a standby mode that doesn’t stream. If the camera was actually powered off, you wouldn’t be able to reach it via the app to turn it back on.

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I would agree with you that it might be a schedule glitch, but I can see it’s recording at very random days and times (sometimes extremely late night when I’m actually asleep 4am or sometimes in the morning, afternoon so it is very random). Yesterday was the first time that I seen that it recorded at very long blocks of time throughout the day until very late night. If anyone can suggest a way to fix this (short of disabling the camera completely in that area)

Where are you seeing these recordings, in the events tab at the bottom of the app?

Just to clarify, you have a rule based on a location trigger to turn event recording ON when you leave and event recording OFF when you come home? Do you have any other rules?

Are you just turning event recording on and off, or are you turning the camera on and off as well?

You also said you tell the camera to reboot in a schedule rule, is that correct?

I’m not sure if the camera saves it’s power state across reboots, it may default to ON after a reboot.

Along with the items others have brought up to check, if you are worried someone may be accessing it I would recommend changing your password and enabling 2FA. Also, email us at security@wyze.com and give us the info you have like times you think it may have been accessed and we will look into it.


No not in the events tab. It doesn’t show up in there at all. (which I found very strange). It is when I go directly into the camera in question, after turning it on and go into the view playback (from my memory card) that’s where I see all of the recordings.

Yes, to turn on my Motion and Notification at night time. I have a elderly parent that lives with me that has Alzheimer’s this is my way to make sure that I am notified if they are up in the middle of the night roaming around. However, the camera in question is not in that rule, all the other 4 cameras are and are set to turn off those Notification at 6 AM in the morning.

For the one in question, I have it to turn off everything when I do return home. (i.e. turn off the camera (the little red indicator light goes off) turn off motion detection and turn off notifications). So, once I am home the Camera in question, everything is off and if I am looking at the app it show the status as off also.

If that was the case, it would record more. But looking back at the date, it’s very random. No pattern whatsoever.

Thanks. I just noticed someone from the Wyze team also chime in.

Using the on/off function in the app is misleading. The camera still has power and others have found that they may still record to the SD Card. If you want the camera off, remove power, either by unplugging it or by using a smart plug.

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Well, if that is the case, what would trigger it to record even though it says no notification no movement? And this is something that has just started within the last two months. Yesterday was the first time that it did random long recordings from mid morning to 1 AM (lasting for 2 - 6 minutes and that was random too.)Was not having this problem before and I’ve had this particular camera online for almost a year.

How do you have your camera configured for recording to the SD Card? Continuously? Events only? As I said, if you really want to be sure it isn’t active, remove power.

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Your cam has not been breached. This is an issue that has previously been reported to Wyze and they are aware of. It is an issue on all cams that they are working to fix.

The issue is created as a result of the power cycle you are performing on the cam when the power is off. If you power cycled the cam while it was on, it would not record when you turn it off.

When a cam that has been set to record to the SD card is turned off in the app, the SD recording stops.

However, if you power cycle your cam while it is in that “off” state, the cam will return to the “off” state, but the SD Recording will resume in spite of the cam being off in the app.

It was documented here:


Wow check out Dr. @SlabSlayer here. Nice work.

So as I said…pull the power.

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