It seems that my friend is getting a cut off when a phone call comes in

Something strange happens. My friend is testing a Wyze Camera Pro.
The camera was recording. So he disconnects his phone…for he has to charge his phone.
Why does the camera stops recording??? (It should not continue to do that up to the time he logs back on??)
Afterwards, I called him on his phone and sometimes the camera stop recording and reconnects again!!
Somebody could enlighten me??

First of all, there is no such thing as a “Wyze Camera Pro”.
When you said camera was recording, are you referring to recording the video ON YOUR PHONE as it was being watched ON YOUR PHONE? If that is the case, then that would be true. You phone is not doing multiple things at once (sort of). The camera recording to the uSD card or cloud events are not affected at all by what activities you are doing on your phone.

Excuse me…It is a WYZE CAM PAN. I am referring to the camera recording on the SD into the base. I thought that although he was not watching the video or disconnecting the phone…it would still record up to the time he signed back in.

The pan camera does not have a base, only the Wyze Cam Outdoor does. The pan cam has a sd card within the camera.

There are three ways to record footage with Wyze pan cams and the app:

  1. Local storage. This is the sd card in the camera itself. Though the sd card/advanced setting in the app/camera this can be enabled and record either event only or continuously to the card in the cam. No further input from the user is needed as this is now done automaticly until the user changes the settings. This footage is accessed by visiting the playback button on the cameras live view.

  2. cloud storage. This is set up through the event recording and detection settings in the app per camera. If enabled, will save a clip that is uploaded to the cloud. There is a free service which does 12 second recordings followed by a 5 min cool down, or camplus which is clips for the duration of motion. This is also done automatically with no continued input from the user unless you change the settings. These clips are viewed in the event tab of the app.

  3. The “record” button as seen on the menu on live view or playback. Once pressed, will save a clip to your device that you are using, phone, tablet etc, untill you off click record or close the screen. I use this for saving short clips to my phone from either live view or watching something back on playback. I do not use this for long periods as it will eat up my phone memory.

If your friend has an SD card in the camera they need to go into their camera settings and enable local storage, so then whatever footage is saved is saved onto the SD card automatically.


I have understood. My friend has an sd card in the WYZE pan camera.
My question was that:
So, as soon as he gets out of range from his home…the camera stops recording??
When he gets back…does the recoding continue?
My deduction is then that the camera does not record by itself - once activated ?
So, does that mean that the purpose of letting it record by itself while we are not at home is useless??
Thanks for letting me know

When you set the SD card to Continuous Recording under Advanced Settings, the camera will record 24 hours a day regardless of whether you are home or running the app. The SD card can save 3-8 days of continuous recordings, depending on whether you have HD or SD selected as the resolution. After that it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage.

To access the SD card recording, use one of the ‘Playback’ buttons. One is under the camera’s Live View when you are watching in portrait mode, and one is below any Event clip when you are watching that in portrait mode.

The live feed playback button will take you back 5 minutes in time, and you can use the timeline below the recording to dial up other times.

The Event playback button will take you to the exact time of that event.


Once the camera is set up, and then you change the settings to enable to local storage and/or cloud storage, the camera will do its thing and record the footage to the onboard SD card if you have one or to the cloud automatically. Does not matter where you are or if you have the app open or anything.

It will record by itself as long if you enable those different storage options.

The local storage and cloud storage features operate automatically if enabled in settings. If the user is using the manual record feature, which they were, that only saves while the app is open and you are live viewing or playing back footage from a camera in real time.


Thanks, now it is very clear what my friend has to know and what to do!

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Even send this link on over. It’s the Support pages for the Pan. Most every thing you need to know about the camera.